Vacation Bible School


*Online registration is now closed.  Walk-ins are welcome any day next week *

Jambo (“Hello” in Swahili) and welcome to Africa!

July 30-Aug 3 | 9AM-11:45AM

It’s high adventure at its best! Thrilling? You bet! Relevant? Absolutely! Practical? Every bit of it! So get excited to safari (journey) with us because you won’t want to miss even one minute of our day.

As we head to Base Camp near Mount Kilimanjaro (the largest free-standing mountain in the world), we’ll experience a life-changing, epic expedition through Proverbs. Our trekkers will learn to have:

    • Ears that hear and do God’s Word;
    • Hearts that trust in the Lord;
    • Tongues that speak in a God-honoring way;
    • Hands that get to work;
    • Feet that walk with the wise.

Are you raring to go? Then lace up those hiking boots, grab your gear, and let’s get started!  Register your child today!