Jesus Time is Back

It’s been far too long. But now, the wait is over! Jesus Time is back and stronger than ever in The Grove.

Just what is Jesus Time? Great question! Children are encouraged to spend quality time with Jesus every day. Get it? Jesus Time. Also known as “quiet time” or “devotions” in some circles. This #JesusTime is an important Spiritual discipline for each one of us.

Which brings us to how Jesus Time is improved!! Available now are three magazines. Each targeting different age groups. Stop by the check-in desk in The Grove to grab your copy before supplies run out. Read below to learn more.


Fusion Family Devotional Magazine

Fusion Family Devotional Magazine is for adults with children in the home, designed to help readers integrate God’s truth, the Christian faith, and everyday life. Daily Bible readings and devotional thoughts can be used in personal quiet time or at the breakfast table with the family. Relevant articles address practical interests from a Christian worldview. Fusion Family also includes suggestions for weekly family activities and discussions to extend the spiritual conversations in the home.

Suggested Donation: $6/magazine

Elementary Children

Explorer’s Guide

(Grades 2-5)

Explorer’s Guide is the devotional magazine for older elementary children. It is a tool designed to help your child grow the habit of spending independent daily time with God in His Word. This magazine features 13 weeks (or three months) of daily Bible study questions, which help reinforce the themes of the lessons they learn each Sunday. It also includes fun puzzles, jokes, short stories, and other activities to help them engage with God’s Word and grow in their faith.

** These guides are consumables, so it is recommended one per child. **

Suggested Donation: $4/magazine

Toddlers & Early Elementary

Cuddle Time Bible Storybooks

(Children up to Grade 1)

Cuddle Time Bible Storybook is a durable, full-color storybook packed with Bible stories that are interactive, age-appropriate, and beautifully illustrated. Each book has three distinct stories — one for each month’s lesson and them — based on the preschool Heartprints for the quarter. A Heartprint is a biblical concept or truth that when taught and repeated will imprint Christ on the heart of a child for life. Cuddle Time Bible Storybook is the perfect book for cuddling up on the couch and watching your kids see the Bible come alive as you share together.

  • The perfect bedtime storybook to mold young hearts
  • Introduces young children to Christ while their hearts are most impressionable
  • Illustrated by an award-winning artist
  • Fun and exciting ways to introduce the Bible to your children
  • Equipped with tips for parents to help the Bible come alive
  • Loaded with bright colors, child-friendly art and simple fonts

** The Cuddle Time books are not consumable. Young child could potential share a book. This is up to the parent’s discretion. **

Suggested Donation: $5/book

Where to Grab the Magazines

All three magazines are available in The Grove at the check-in counter. We want all people to be invested in God’s Word, so please take what you need for your family. We welcome the suggested donation amounts to offset the cost of purchasing the magazines. Donations can be made at the check-in desk or in the general offering boxes. Checks should be made out to “Lowell Church of Christ” with the memo “Children’s Ministry Jesus Time.”

Suggested Donation Amounts
  • Family Fusion Devotional Magazine | $6
  • Explorer’s Guide | $4
  • Cuddle Time Bible Storybook | $5