Prepare Him Room | Advent 2020

Advent Family Devotional

LCOC is excited to offer a suggested family Christmas Advent devotional again this year.  Christmas traditions become a treasured part of a family’s heritage, passed down from generation to generation. So, join us this advent season as we go through “Prepare Him Room.”  

“Prepare Him Room” has been written to help families lead their children through a study of Old Testament promises, Jesus’ birth narratives, and New Testament explanations of Jesus Christ’s person and work in the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. The memorable and meaningful activities, songs, and stories of Prepare Him Room will become the fabric of your family’s Christmas memories. So gather them to watch the amazing gospel story unfold every December for generations to come!

Advent officially begins on Sunday, so don’t wait!!  A limited number of books will be available in the church office soon — we are simply waiting for the delivery company to give us the delivery date.  Pre-order yours today.  NOTE: Some of you may already have this book.  We went through the same series back in 2016.  

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Weekly Advent Storytime

“Prepare Him Room” includes a story that builds each week called “Bartimaeus.”  Mrs. Mindy will be “going live” with Advent storytime to read the weekly chapter.  Watch for more details so your family can join in.