Classes Resume Sept 13

F I N A L L Y ! !

Nursery through 5th grade classes will be available in The Grove.  Classes are available at the 10:30 hour only.  However, children are always welcome in “Big Church” anytime.  

Check-in will open at 10:15.

Masks are required for the duration of class time for our 1st through 5th graders.  Teachers will also be masked.  

Nursery – Kindergarten classes will not require masks for children.  Teachers will be wearing masks.  

Because we have been away from The Grove for so long, we completely passed over graduation Sunday.  So, if you are curious about what class your child will be in, please review the class breakdown below.  

The adult classes have already been studying The Gospel Project, and now we are excited to announce that ALL ages will be joining the study.  From Nursery through adult all people attending their age appropriate class will be learning from the same section/theme of Scripture.  This is a great way we can help families and multigenerational relationships to continue their Biblical conversations beyond the church building walls.


Nursery (Room G6) : Infants – 23 months (no masks)
Seedlings (G5) : 2 y.o. – 3 y.o. (no masks)
Lil’ Sprouts (G7) : 4 y.o. – kindergarten (no masks)
Discovery Kids (G2) : Grades 1-3 (masks required)
Explorers (G1) : Grades 4-5 (masks required)

** Please note, no classes will be available at the 9 a.m. hour. This includes Jr. Worship. **