Jesus Time Week of May 24

Encourage your child to do his/her #JesusTime this week!!

God Sees Everything

Day 1

Read Genesis 9:1, 7

What did God tell Noah and his family to do?

Day 2

Read Genesis 11:1-2

How many languages existed in the world?

Day 3

Read Genesis 11:3-4


The people . . .

  • began to build a ____________ that went to the ______________.
  • wanted to make their ___________ known.
  • didn’t want to be __________________ across the earth.

Day 4

Read Genesis 11:8-9

Why did God create different languages?

Day 5

Read Psalm 1:1-2

Circle the correct sentence: 

The people continued to work together and build the city. 

The people moved to different parts of the earth.

Thinking Deeply … 

God created every person, including those who were building the tower. But He didn’t intend for them to just stay together. In fact, that is exactly the opposite of what He told Noah and his family. There is only one race of people—the human race. The same God who created and loves each person wants us to treat others with respect and value. That person whose skin tone is different from yours, who speaks a different language, or whose clothing style is unlike yours is special to God and, therefore, should be special to us.