Jesus Time Week of May 10

Encourage your child to do his/her #JesusTime this week!!

God is in Control

Day 1

Read Genesis 7:1-5

Why did God spare Noah and his family from the Flood?

How did Noah respond to God’s plan for the world?

Day 2

Read Genesis 7:13-16

Who and what were housed in the ark?

Who closed the door to the ark?

Day 3

Read Genesis 7:17-23

How long did it rain?

What happened to everything and everyone who was not in the ark?

Day 4

Read Genesis 7:24-8:5

How many days was the earth flooded before the waters receded enough for the ark to stop floating?

How would Noah’s righteousness and faith in God help him during his time in the ark?

Day 5

Read 1 Chronicles 29:11

What do you learn about God in this verse?

How can this verse help you keep your trust in God?

Thinking deeply …

God is in control. The Flood from which Noah and his family were spared demonstrates that clearly. The same God who created the earth sent water from the sky to destroy it. Think about it . . . Noah and his family were inside of the ark for over a year! Noah and his family’s trust and faith in God had to have grown during that time as they recognized His power and the blessing of life they had been given. They had to fully rely on God and His plan during their time in the ark.

Life can be stormy at times. Are you following Noah’s example of obedience and righteousness? Are you seeking shelter in God’s ark?