Family Worship April 26

Welcome to Family Worship

Below you will find all the resources you will need to lead Family Worship in your own home. If you are new to Family Worship, details and suggestions can be found at the bottom of this post.

If you need any additional information or resources, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Mindy.

Message to Parents from Mr. Matt

Resource Links

Family Worship Video

Family Worship How To

All these resources are available to you “on demand.” This means you are able to start and end your family worship time as it fits your family’s needs. That being said, if you choose to participate in the Live Meet n’ Greet with Mrs. Mindy there is a specific start time. Please see the details at the top of this post for this week’s LIVE meet n’ greet.

Parents are encouraged to download and print the lesson guide for the age group that matches your children. You have a choice between an elementary Bible lesson and a toddler/preschool Bible lesson. Ideally, you will want to have an opportunity to preview the lesson so that you are ready to go when you decide to lead your children’s Bible time.

The Family Worship video includes lyric video worship songs like the ones we use in Jr. Worship. The video also includes a welcome message and a communion thought from Mrs. Mindy. The video is set up in such a way that your family will want to watch the video first and then pause it to have your Sunday school time. Then at the conclusion of your Bible time, you can unpause the video for the concluding communion time.

Daily Jesus Time is critical to your child’s Spritual well-being. During this time of a health crisis there is much discussion about our physical health. However, more importantly, your child’s Spiritual development and well-being is critical. Jesus Time is available for download weekly on Sunday afternoons. Children are encouraged to complete a Bible reading and question each day for five days during the week.

The Spiritual Disciplines form is available for your child to continue to track his or her progress on developing positive Spiritual disciplines in his or her own life. Under normal circumstances, this progress is tracked in the Jr. Worship room for first through fifth graders.

“Big Church” is what we lovingly call what the grown ups do in the auditorium on Sunday morning. Resources for Church@Home are available each weekend so that adults can enjoy their own “on demand” worship service.

In our home, we participate in the Live meet n’ greet for the kids and then do the Family Worship music and lesson for the kids. Then we dismiss the kids to play while we, the parents, participate in the Live LCOC meet n’ greet. Lastly we, the grown ups, enjoy “Big Church” on demand after our meet n’ greet. You are welcome to create your own Sunday morning schedule that works for you.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Mindy, Children’s Minister.

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