Palm Branches for our King!

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Many Christians will celebrate this coming Sunday (April 5) as Palm Sunday. When Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem, many people waved palm leaves as a way of praising Him. The people also laid down clothing for the donkey to walk on as a way of showing honor to Him. His entrance was similar to a parade. During these times, palm branches symbolized riches, goodness, and victory. Palm branches were often designed on coins and important buildings.

God’s goodness, His richness, His victory are all still ours today. So, as a community of God followers and believers let’s honor God by placing palm branches on our doorways this weekend. A couple options for creating your own palm branches are available at the end of this post.

After you finish and display your palm branches upload a picture of your front door in our shared photo album (Google platform). You can also post pics in our #KidsLife Parents facebook group.

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Why a Donkey?!

The most important reason that Jesus rode into Jerusalem is found in Zechariah 9:9.

City of Zion, be full of joy!
    People of Jerusalem, shout!
See, your king comes to you.
    He always does what is right.
    He has won the victory.
He is humble and riding on a donkey.
    He is sitting on a donkey’s colt.

Zechariah 9:9 (New International Readers Version)

God said it would happen and God’s Words are true. We talked about that at great lengths during the Sunday School lessons from March with Jeremiah. The people who were waving the palm branches expected Jesus to be their king to free them from the Roman government. But, instead, Jesus came to free the people and us from the penalty and punishment of sin. The people missed the main reason for which He came.

Sunday’s Bible lesson will look more into the events of Palm Sunday and discover what the people missed as the celebrated Jesus’ Triumphal Entry. Make sure to download the lesson plans and watch the video for this Sunday’s Family Worship. You won’t want to miss out like the people in Jesus’ day did.

Palm Branch Crafts

All templates and files are located in the shared Google Drive for Sunday’s Family Worship.

Option 1 – Easy Difficulty – Cutout Palm Branch

Download the page, print (in color or grayscale and add green crayon/marker), cut and attach to your front door.

Option 2 – Medium Difficulty – Half Fold Cutout w/ Template Palm Branch

Download the half fold template. Trace on half folded greet construction paper (or white paper colored with green crayon/marker). Cut out the traced lines (while paper is still folded). Open the paper. Attach to your front door.

Option 3 – Medium Hard Difficulty – Handprint Palm Branch

Gather green construction paper. Trace your hands as many times as you wish. Cut them out. Glue/tape your hands to a popsicle stick, straw, paint stirrer, etc. Attach your palm branch to your front door.

Option 4 – Medium Hard Difficulty – Accordian Fold Palm Branch

Fold a green piece of construction paper in half. Draw a palm branch outline (as shown in video). Cut out your branch. With your branch still folded in half, accordian fold your branch (as shown in video). Open your palm branch. Glue/tape on a stem, if desired. Attach to your front door. Share a picture below in the comments.

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