Jesus Time Week of Nov 10

Honoring God’s Word

Day 1

Read Nehemiah 8:1-3

How did the people listen as Ezra read from the Book of the Law?

How should we listen when God’s Word is being read?

Day 2

Read Nehemiah 8:7-8

Why did the Levites help the people understand what was being read?

What did Nehemiah and the Levites tell the people about the joy of the LORD?

Day 3

Read Nehemiah 8:9-12

How did the people react as they heard God’s Word?

What did Nehemiah and the Levites say to the people?

Day 4

Read 2 Timothy 3:16

What five things does this verse tell us about the Bible?

Day 5

Read Psalm 119:11-14

The psalmist has used God’s __________ to help him keep from __________. 

We are to __________ God for giving us His Word to __________ us. 

__________ is more valuable than all the __________ in the world. 

WORD BANK: praise, riches, Scripture, sinning, teach, Word


Did you know there are countries where it is dangerous or even illegal to have a Bible? Yet there are some who are willing to take that risk because they understand the importance of God’s Word. They know the power that comes from God’s Word and the guidance it gives them to lead lives that honor Him. What about you? Do you respect and value God’s Word? The Bible is a gift to us. It is through His words that He teaches us how to live in ways that please Him, helps us grow in our relationship with Him, and instructs us how to share the gospel. 

Read God’s Word. Thank God for giving us His Word. Know His Word. Learn from His Word. Live His Word. Respect and honor His Word.