Jesus Time Week of Oct 27

God shows compassion

Day 1

Read Jonah 4:1-4

How did Jonah feel about God forgiving the people of Nineveh? 

How does Jonah describe God?

What was Jonah forgetting with his wrong attitude?

Day 2

Read Jonah 4:5-6

Where did Jonah go?

How did God  continue to care for Jonah?

Day 3

Read Jonah 4:7-9

What did God do to the plant?

What was Jonah’s reaction?

Day 4

Read Jonah 4:10-11

Circle the correct sentence.

Jonah was more concerned with the life of the plant than the lives of the Ninevites. 

Jonah was more concerned with the lives of the Ninevites than the life of the plant. 

Day 5

Read Psalm 145:8-9

How do these verses describe God?

How can you show those qualities in your life?