Table Talk Week of Aug 25

Use this resource (and the weekly #homeConnection) to engage your family with deeper dinner conversations.

Conversation Starter …

As Christians we are called to be different from the world. Sometimes that’s hard because those around you may say words or do things you choose not to. If you proclaim that Jesus has the power to change lives and to redeem and transform sinners, that power needs to first be evident in your own life. Changing the culture begins with changes in the lives of our families, our churches, our schools, our neighborhoods, and our towns. 

How can you be the light that shines in the darkness? How can you make a difference and show the world Jesus is your Savior?

The More You Know …

In our unit this month, we have discussed how the gospel is powerful, commanded to be shared, and life changing. Today’s lesson focuses on how the gospel has the power to

Encourage your child to do his/her #JesusTime this week!!

change the culture. If culture is a way of life that includes the traditions, values, and beliefs of a group of people, today’s culture is in desperate need of a gospel driven change.

The Old Testament is full of examples where God used prophets and judges to bring change to the culture. We can read about entire cities destroyed because of disobedience.  history offers numerous examples how Christianity has changed the culture of communities and nations. God sent His own Son to change the culture of a fallen world. Jesus set the example when He was on earth, and His power remains.

God desires our culture to be changed and to have the unmatchable hope He provides. He wants everyone to accept Christ as his or her Savior. Jesus changes the culture by changing the lives of individuals. We must ask God to show us how we can influence the culture around us by being the light of Jesus.

Our words and actions must demonstrate our faith to those who do not know Him. With every small step we take, we are showing Jesus and His love to those around us. We are to be a missionary, like Paul, to share the gospel in our culture.