Table Talk Week of Aug 11

Use this resource (and the weekly #homeConnection) to engage your family with deeper dinner conversations.

Conversation Starter …

Last month focused on the choices we make and the results of those choices. God’s Word tells us we are to share the good news about Jesus’ death and resurrection with those around us. While that may terrify you, it should also excite you. Your words don’t have to be perfect, but they do need to be spoken. Last week we learned about the power of the gospel and that it is for everyone. Simply share the good news of how Jesus has changed your life and let God’s power take over.

Who is someone who needs to know about Jesus? Start praying now for an opportunity to share your faith with him or her. Ask God to help you – He will!

The More You Know …

Matthew 28:19-20 is known as the Great Commission. These verses outline what Jesus expected His disciples and followers to do in His absence. Jesus gives the direct command “make disciples.” He goes on to explain that they are to fulfill this command through His other instructions to go, baptize, and teach.

Many consider Acts 1:8 an extension of the Great Commission based on the command for believers to be witnesses for Christ. A follower of Christ imitates Jesus, clings to His sacrifice, believes in His resurrection, and lives to do His work with the help of the Holy Spirit living in them.

Jesus’ Great Commission compels us to share the gospel. The Holy Spirit strengthens us to do this even when it’s scary or uncomfortable. We can share the good news of Christ in our actions, attitudes, and words. When we accept Christ, we experience the power of the gospel, and we must share the gospel so others may experience that power as well.

God desires for everyone to know the truth through salvation in His Son (1 Timothy 2:4). We must obey Him as the authority over all and trust that He will give us what we need to do what He asks.