Promotion Sunday Aug 11

Sunday, Aug 11, 2019 is Promotion Sunday!  What does that mean?  It means:

  • All new First Graders are promoted into Jr Worship and Adventure Kids*.  Plus!!  Now, they are old enough to join Kids Life!!
  • All new Second Graders are promoted into Discovery Kids*.  Plus, they continue to be part of Jr Worship and Kids Life.
  • All new Fourth Graders are promoted into Explorers*.  Plus, they continue to be part of Jr Worship and Kids Life.
  • All new Sixth Graders are promoted into our Student Ministry with Mr. Matt.
  • *Adventure Kids, Discovery Kids and Explorers are the names of our elementary Sunday school classes.

Beginning in first grade, children are encouraged to bring a Bible to church each week and also engage in The Word on a daily basis at home. Each week, your child will bring home a children’s church bulletin with daily Jesus Time. Feel free to help your child begin a healthy habit of reading God’s Word. If your child does not have a Bible, Mrs. Mindy will gladly present a new Bible to your child tomorrow. Additionally, children are encouraged to participate in both Jr. Worship and Sunday school. (There are adult Sunday school classes available for you to attend while your child is also in class).

Last but not least, we can use some extra hands in The Grove.  Would you prayerfully consider stepping into the gap?