Jesus Time Week of Aug 11

The Gospel Demands to be Shared

Day 1

Read Matthew 28:18-20

What authority does Jesus have?

To whom are we to share the gospel?

Who is one person you can tell about Jesus?


Day 2

Read Acts 1:8-11

Who do we have to help us as we share the gospel?


Day 3

Read Mark 16:15

What are we commanded to do?


Day 4

Read John 14:15

How is our love for Jesus and following His commandments connected?

How do we show our love for Jesus by telling others about Him?


Day 5

Read John 3:17-18; Romans 10:14

Why did God send His Son, Jesus, into the world?

What will happen to those who don’t hear the gospel?

What if you are the one to tell someone about the good news of Jesus and you don’t?