Table Talk Week of May 5

Conversation Starter …

God is the Creator of life, and we can see Him in ever so many things around us. Look at the stars, the way birds fly in a group and don’t run into each other, the complexity of human bodies, and the different look of the sky each night at sunset. But we know God is real not just in the different things around us, but also in how we, as humans, interact with each other. God gave us His standard morality in our hearts to help us know right from wrong. However because sin is also a part of our world, we don’t always make the right choice. Spending time with God not only helps us appreciate His amazing creations, but also helps us make choices that honor Him.

Look around and thank God for the wonder and awesomeness of His creation. Ask Him to help you make choices that reflect His character.

The More You Know …

In our Special Topic lessons this month, we are going to tackle some big questions. As you prepare and teach, be ready to answer questions from your students, and be sure to encourage them when the concepts seem overwhelming. Today’s lesson focuses on the important question: How can I know God exists? Failing to find meaningful answers and ways to defend this truth is a key factor in students leaving the faith as they grow older.

Everything that exists has a cause. God is the first cause of everything (Genesis 1:1). God planned and created every living thing that exists. He is our amazing, powerful Creator (Revelation 4:11). It is obvious that our world has a remarkable design. This design leads us to believe in the existence of our Great Designer (Psalm 19:1-4).

God also reveals Himself to us through His Word. We see evidence of God’s presence all throughout Scripture (Genesis 1:1, John 1:1, 14). Our natural tendency to worship God supports the fact that God created us “in His own image” (Genesis 1:27). In God, and His infallible Word, we can find the answers to all our questions.

As believers, we know God exists because we speak to Him, sense His presence, know His love, and experience His grace. God’s Son miraculously provided us with salvation through His death on the cross. Because of this, Christians cannot help but recognize and honor the existence of an almighty, merciful God. Ultimately, God’s existence is accepted through faith, believing in God, our Creator and Savior, even when we can’t see Him.