Jesus Time Week of April 21

From Death to Life

Day 1
Read Luke 23:34-38

TRUE / FALSE  Jesus asked God to curse those involved with His crucifixion

TRUE / FALSE  The rulers and soldiers made fun of Jesus.

TRUE / FALSE  The sign above Jesus read: This is NOT the King of the Jews.

Day 2
Read Luke 23:44-46

Draw the scene of Jesus’ death (on a separate paper).

What does Jesus’ last words before His death tell us?

Day 3
Read Luke 24:1-3

Why were the women going to Jesus’ tomb?

What did they discover at the tomb?

Day 4
Read Luke 24:4-7

What did the men ask the women?

What were the women reminded of?

Day 5
Read Luke 24:8-12

What was the apostles’ reaction the women’s news, and how was Peter’s reaction different?