2019 Kids Life Bible Bee

Kids Life Bible Bee begins in June!  Registration is NOW OPEN.  Register early to order your child’s discovery journal at the discounted rate.

What is Bible Bee?

Bible Bee is hosted by Kids Life at Lowell Church of Christ.  Children entering grades 2-6 (fall of 2019) study a specific topic during the summer and compete for prizes at the end.  This year the topic is Worship.  During each week, your child will complete his or her Discovery Journal study activities at home — approximately an hour a day, or less.  Then, on Friday mornings, we will meet together to review, practice, and have fun.  Tentatively, our meeting times will be Fridays, 9:30-11:30.

Kids who have participated in the past have learned so much and had a blast doing it.  As parents, so many messages try to infiltrate our child’s minds.  You can help your child be intentional about the messages he or she receives by diving into God’s Word this summer.

What is Proclaim Day?

On Saturday, August 3, all the participants from Bible Bee will boldly proclaim the Word of God by reciting the verses they have memorized and the knowledge they have gained.  Proclaim Day includes three scored portions.  The first portion is the recitations.  Each child chooses 1, 2 or 3 verses from the summer study to recite (for points) in front of their family and friends.  The second portion is a Sword Drill.  This drill challenges the children to know how and where to find Scripture in their Bible.  The first one to find the verse wins points.  The last portion of Proclaim Day is a quiz based on the knowledge the children gained during the study.  All the points are tallied and prizes are awarded to the top finishers.