Parents’ Table Talk Week Feb 24

Second Peter 3:18 tells us we are to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. In order to grow, we must take action. We have to move from being a spectator to a participator. We must choose to study God’s Word, talk to Jesus in prayer, and apply what we’ve learned to our lives. What do others see in you? Do they see that Jesus is important to you?

Be intentional in your faith this week to grow closer to Jesus and to let others see Him in you.

The More You Know …

Determination takes a firm commitment to accomplish goals regardless of the opposition. Believers who are determined look at insurmountable obstacles as opportunities to cry out to the Lord, asking Him to intervene and overcome the challenges.

Determination takes faith. A combination of both faith and determination are required to follow and obey God regardless of the difficulties ahead. Determination helps us ignore distractions and discouragement. Determination helps us set goals, reach goals, and face problems head-on.

Serving God is often hard, and it is easy to become weary. We must be determined and press on following Christ’s example (Hebrews 12:2). The apostle Paul’s most important goal was to know Jesus and become like Him. He worked on this goal daily, determined to love, serve, and honor God. Paul faced multiple hardships, but he knew He belonged to God, and he could not give up (Philippians 3:12).

Life is often compared to a race. In order to finish well and receive the reward, runners must embody determination. We must follow Paul’s example and press on toward the reward of Heaven.