Parent Table Talk Week Jan 27

Have you ever heard the phrase: actions speak louder than words? It’s true, but the words we say and the way we say them can also have an impact, both positive and negative. Take note this week of how many times you say, “I want” or “I need” and how often you argue for your way to be the way.

Let others see Jesus and how your relationship with Him has changed your life through your selfless words and actions.

The more you know …

God desires for Christians to walk in love, welcoming one another (Ephesians 5:2). However, we live in a time where overactive social media accounts breed unhealthy comparison and judgmental attitudes. It is crucial to emphasize to our students that excluding and judging others, arguing, and criticizing are all sinful behaviors. When love is present, it is much easier to think of others and find ways to get along.

Scripture is clear that all of humanity will stand before God’s judgment, and everyone will bow before Him in both worship and confession (Romans 14:10-11). For this very reason, we must seek righteousness, peace, and joy found in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). Serving Christ is what makes us acceptable and pleasing to God, so we must pursue those things that bring peace and encouragement (Romans 14:18-19).

God sent the Holy Spirit to help us because He knows life is too difficult for us to manage on our own. The Holy Spirit assures us that we belong to God’s family. We must fight Satan’s lies with the truths of the Holy Spirit. He will never lead us in a path contrary to God’s Word. He will strengthen us as we learn to walk in love, serving Christ and building one another up.