Jesus Time Week of Oct 21

Justified by Faith

Day 1
Read Romans 5:1-2     Word Bank: faith, God, Jesus, justified, peace

Being ________________ by __________, we have ___________ with ______ through _____________.

Day 2
Read Romans 5:3-5
List positive things that troubles bring us?


Day 3
Read Romans 5:8
How did God show His love for us?


Day 4
Read Romans 5:18-19     Circle the right words in each sentence.

Adam’s obedience / disobedience brought sin / righteous for all mankind. Jesus’ obedience / disobedience made us sinners / righteous.

Day 5
Read Galatians 2:16      Circle the correct sentence.

We are justified by following the law and doing right.

We are justified through faith in Jesus.