Jesus Time Sep 2-8

Day 1

Read 1 Kings 2:1-4

WORD BANK: commandments, hearts, souls, strong, throne, truth, walk, ways

When David was close to death, he told his son, Solomon, to be ______, ______ in God’s _______, and keep God’s _________. God had promised David that if his family walked before God with _______ in their _______ and ________, they would remain on Israel’s _______.

Day 2

Read 1 Kings 3:5-8

TRUE / FALSE God appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked him what He could give him.

TRUE / FALSE Solomon asked for wealth and fame.

Day 3

Read 1 Kings 3:9

What did Solomon ask God for?

What does this tell us about Solomon’s character?

Day 4

Read 1 Kings 3:10-13

Circle the true statements.

God was pleased with Solomon’s request.

God made Solomon the wisest man to ever live.

God told Solomon he would never be as wealthy and honored as the other kings in his life.

Day 5

Read 1 Kings 3:14-15

What did God tell Solomon about how long he would live?

What did Solomon do after he woke up?