Kids Life Special Series “Dive-In”

W H A T   I S   B A P T I S M ?

Sept 25 | Oct 2 | Oct 9

Has your child been asking you questions about joining God’s family? Is your child interested in being baptized?  Then, this the class for you and your child.

This is a three session class for students with questions about Baptism and following Jesus.  Attendance for all three sessions is very important and one or both parents should plan to attend this class with your child.

It is important to sign up for this class.  When you sign up, a special workbook will be created for your child.  This workbook will be completed during the three sessions of class time.  It is also a great refresher resource once the class is finished.

To sign up, click this link  or email Mrs Mindy at  If you have any questions regarding this class please contact Mrs. Mindy.

Target age range: 3rd – 5th grade.

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