Change for Jr Worship

No Jr Worship this Sunday

This Sunday will be set up a little different in “Big Church.”  After speaking with the ministry staff, I feel this will be a good service to intentionally have our Jr Worshippers out in service.

When is this happening?

Sunday, May 7 @ 9am service

How will this work?

Simple!  Instead of dropping off your child in Jr Worship, he or she will join and sit with you in Big Church.   If you plan to stay for Sunday School (which the ministry staff does recommend), then bring your child back to The Grove and check in him or her.

If you, the parent, attend Sunday school during the 9am service, please check-in your child in The Grove as normal.  However, instead of dropping off your child in the Jr Worship room, bring him or her to the auditorium to sit with Mrs.  Mindy.   Your child must be checked in to sit with Mrs. Mindy.  Mrs. Mindy will walk these checked-in students back to The Grove for Sunday School or pick up.

Is this going to be every Sunday?

Nope.  This Sunday is going to be a different kind of set up in Big Church and I felt our children could gain a lot from it.  Next week, we will be back to Jr Worship as usual.

Will the elementary Sunday school classes still meet at 10:30?

Yes!  And we encourage all our kids to attend both the 9am worship service and 10:30 Sunday school class, not just this Sunday, but EVERY SUNDAY.