Easter Countdown

Easter is arguably the single most important holiday in the history of the world, equal only to Christ’s birth.  If that’s true, and you believe it, how does your family anticipate Easter?  Growing up my mom got out Resurrection eggs.  They are truly a beautiful and engaging way to tell the Easter story to children….


Summer Church Camp Today is the last day for the early-bird registration deadline.  Which means today is the last day for the GREATEST value.  Not only is this the cheapest summer camp will be, but you can also take advantage of our church discount.  Use church code LCOC40 and LCOC will happily pay 40% of your child(ren)’s…

OT Week 4 Home Connection

The More You Know Forgetting comes naturally to people; remembering takes effort. And yet, God left the establishing of a history that would one day validate His son as the Messiah to a group of people who seemed all too ready to embrace all the things that came natural to them. In order to help His forgetful people,…

Thank you!

What a great turn out for a yummy waffle morning.  Did your kids have a chance to play bazooka ball with Ms. Rachel?!  How fun was that?!  Plus, a huge thank you to the kids and adults who helped out in such a big way!  Without a doubt, I could not have done it without…

2017-03-19 Children’s Church Bulletin

CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE MOST CURRENT CHILDREN’S CHURCH BULLETIN. Use the material to continue the discussion with your child.  #faithStartsAtHome childrensChurchBulletin_discoveryKids_20170319 childrensChurchBulletin_explorers_20170319