March Memory Work

#HideGodsWordinyourHeart March Memory Work Joshua 1:9 (NIV) | Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Children’s Church Bulletin 2017-02-26

Find out what your kiddo discussed in Sunday School and Jr Worship today.  Plus, encourage them to dive into God’s work with their daily Jesus Time. 20170226_discoveryKids 20170226_explorers    

2017-02-19 Children’s Church Bulletin

Here is this week’s Jesus Time, in case your copy went mysteriously missing.  Click the links below to download and print a new copy. discovery_20170219 explorers_20170219    

Devo Mags Online Ordering

Online ordering for the Kids Life Devo Mags is now available!  Order soon to begin your family’s journey into scripture. … find out more …

2012-02-12 Children’s Church Bulletin

Download today’s Children’s Church Bulletin for this week’s daily Jesus Time and announcements.      takeHome_20170212_discovery  takeHome_20170212_explorers You can download archived bulletins here.  

Family Movie Night

Its family movie night.  How do you decide which movies your family will enjoy?  Do movies have a vetting process they must pass in order for your children to watch them?  As parents, we are aware that the messages our children receive are highly influential in the growth and development of their world view.  But do…

February Memory Work

Hide god’s word in your heart Each month your child has the opportunity to learn a new Bible passage.  The goal is for God’s word to be hidden in your child’s heart.  In this way, when temptation comes, he will have God’s voice speaking directly to him. Simultaneously, if you work on the verse with…

Children’s Church Bulletin 2017-02-05

Did your kiddo forget their bulletin at church?  Or maybe the dog ate it.  Download and print a new copy right here.  Don’t forget to spend time with Jesus each day. ———————————————- takeHome_20170205_discovery ——————————————— takeHome_20170205_explorers ———————————————