In Jr Worship we are talking about how God wants to use us no matter what we grow up to be.  This week kids learned that God can use them to rescue and care for others.  Like a firefighter, you can grow up to rescue and care for others.

Police officers and firefighters aren’t the only real life heroes that your kids have.  As a parent, you are who they look up to the most. Pray this week, thanking God for the amazing opportunity you’ve been given to take care of and help shape your kids.  Ask for wisdom and direction to mentor your kids even better than you already are.

An idea for you and your family.

Create an acrostic using the word “RESCUE.” Make a list of the many ways God takes care of us, with each word or phrase beginning with a different letter in the word “RESCUE.”

An example would be:

Ready whenever we call on him
Everywhere we go
Sent his son Jesus
Understands our problems
Encourages us when we’re sad